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Mars Attacks: Illustrations by Norm Saunders


Lawrence Sterne Stevens


Stanley Borack

Cover Art by Stanley Borack

Will Hulsey

Will Hulsey Original Painting

Ladies Home Journal: April, 1962

Ladies Home Journal - April 1962

                                          Illustrations : Lorraine Fox Joe De Mers Eugene Louis Fiction: The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie Touch and Go by Jane Hinchman Mr. Dilworth’s Coffee Break by Rosemary Casey

Cavalcade: September, 1960 – Stan Borack

Cavalcade - September 1960

Cavalcade [v 3 #4, September 1960] (Skye Publishing Company, 98pp, cover by Stan Borack) * 6 · Readers’ Beefs and Stews · The Readers · lt * 8 · The Drinking Bout That Cost the Russians California · Loy Warwick · ar * 12 · The Untold Story of New York’s Playboy Mayor · Joseph […]

Cavalcade: April, 1960 – Stan Borack Cover Art

Cavalcade: April 1960 - Cover Art by Stanley Borack

Cavalcade [v 3 #2, April 1960] ed. Brad Jones (Skye Publishing Company, 35¢, 102pp, quarto, cover by Stan Borack) [PSP] * 6 · Readers’ Beefs and Stews · The Readers · lt * 8 · How One Million Russians Deserted the Red Army! · Loy Warwick · ts * 12 · The Husband Who Couldn’t […]

Male: May 1956

Stan Borak cover art - Male - May, 1956

Male [v 6 #5, May 1956] ed. Marv Karp (Male Publishing Corp. cover by Stan Borak) Editorial Director: Noah Sarlay; Managing Editor: K. T. Meyer. * ADVENTURE… * 14 · “Plane Crash… Runway 13!” · Frank L. Hasnerl * 16 · The Night 1200 Drowned · Captain Edney Parker * 18 · My Pie-Eyed Patrol […]

Man’s Life: January, 1954

Man's Life Magazine January , 1954

Man’s Life Magazine January , 1954 This Classic issue of Man’s Life includes an illustration entitled “Arctic Manhunt” for a 5 page photo story of General Umberto Nobile’s doomed conquest of the North pole. (the cover is a wonderful illustration of Umberto Nobile by Illustrator John Fay).  Also included in this issue is a story […]

Famous Fantastic Mysteries: April 1953


Argosy: March, 1950 – John D. Macdonald

March 1950 Argosy - John D. Macdonald

                                        Cover Art: Robert Trotter Additional full page Illustrations:  Robert Stanley, Robert Mariner, Peter Stevens, Dom Lupo Notable Fiction: Man-Stalk by John D. Macdonald Additional Fiction: Closi it up! by Ralf Nelson Stay away from the […]

Argosy: November 1949 – John D. Macdonald

Cover Art by Peter Stevens

This Issue of Argosy has a rare gem, one of John D. Macdonalds earliest works called “A young man or promise” Other fiction includes: The Affair of the Pearl Prince by Erle Stanley Gardner Secret Army of the Caribbean I Had 5 Seconds to Live My Fight with a Giant Manta

Super Science Stories: July 1949


Super Science Stories: July 1949 Canada, Fictioneers – Popular Publications. 1949. Magazine. Ill.: Lawrence Sterne Stevens cover art. “Changeling” (Ray Bradbury), “The Wall of Darkness” (Arthur C. Clarke), “The Hunted” (John D. MacDonald).

Famous Fantastic Mysteries: April 1949

Famous Fantastic Mysteries - Sterne Stevens

  Includes Black Butterflies by Elmer Brown Mason, Dian of the Lost Land by Edison Marshall

Cosmopolitan: March, 1949 – Alex Ross, Gene Fowler

Cosmopolitan: March, 1949 - Alex Ross Illustrations

Here is a wonderful Illustration from the April, 1949 Cosmopolitan. Part two of the story “The Small Vice of Alicia Crispin” by Alex Ross.  Alex Ross was one of the most prolific Golden Age Illustrators with over 140 covers to his name – Including dozens of covers for Good Housekeeping.  

Famous Fantastic Mysteries: February 1949

Famous Fantastic Mysteries - February 1949

Includes Jack Londons “The Scarlet Plague”, Angel Island by Ines Haynes Gillmore,

Argosy: May 1948

Argosy May 1948

  Argosy May 1948, including fiction by Robert Heinlein – Gentlemen be seated and Illustrations by Charles Dye, Robert Stanley

Argosy: April 1948

April 1948 -Argosy Magazine Cover by Charles Dye

Notable Fiction in this issue The Lady says murder (A full length novel by William Fay) Non Fiction De Marigny’s Famous Finger (Earle Stanley Gardner)   Earle Stanley Gardner True Crime Article

Argosy: February 1948 – Tom W. Blackburn – Charles Dye


Argosy: January 1948 – Charles Dye Cover Art

Spear fishing illustration by Charles Dye on the cover of Argosy

Cosmopolitan: July 1946 – Coby Whitmore Cover

Cosmopolitan July 1946 - Coby Whitmore Illustration

Cosmopolitan: July, 1946 – cover Illustration by Coby Whitmore A wonderful Illustration by Coby Whitmore Born Maxwell Coburn Whitmore, Jr. (June 11, 1913 – October 12, 1988)[1] known for his Saturday Evening Post covers, He also had great success as a race-car designer. Whitmore was inducted into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in […]

Cosmopolitan: December, 1945


Cosmopolitan: November, 1945

Bradshaw Crandell Cover Art

Cosmopolitan: October, 1945


Cosmopolitan: September, 1945


Cosmopolitan: August, 1945

Bradshaw Crandell Cover Art

Cosmopolitan: June, 1945

Crandell illustration of a readhead

Cover Illustration by Bradshaw Crandell

Cosmopolitan: May, 1945

Crandell Cover Art

Cover Illustration by Bradshaw Crandell

Cosmopolitan: April, 1945

Bradshaw Crandell Cover Art

  Cover Illustration by Bradshaw Crandell   Includes Fiction by: Paul Gllico, Ursula Parrott, Edison Marshall, Faith Baldwin, Betty Coe  

Cosmopolitan: March 1945


Magazine – including Priority mail – USD34.99Magazine – Including 17×22 Canvas repro. – USD94.99   Illustration by Barbara Schwinn for The house in the Forest by Temple Bailey John Whitcomb Illustration for Pygmalian Jones by Dorothy Kilgallen Pruett Carter Illustration for “And Throw Away The Key” by Ursula Parott Illustration by Tom Lovell for “Lost […]

Argosy Weekly: May 18, 1940

Argosy Weekly: May 18, 1940

Argosy Weekly: January 20, 1940 – Belarski

Rudolph Belarski Cover Art

True Experiences: March 1937


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