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Spaghetti Sauce and Cover art. The new ipad revolution

magazine cover on a ipad

Spaghetti sauce back when I was a child in the 1970’s  consisted of 2 choices, Ragu or Prego.  All this changed when a product researcher I admire by the name of  Howard Moskowitz* had an industry breakthrough that seems so obvious today to strategic creatives.  While researching Spaghetti sauce for the struggling #2 sauce maker […]

Technically Pleasing? – Designing with both sides of the brain.


Technically “pleasing”  is a term often used when describing good  cover art – but what exactly does this mean?  Reaching customers through graphics comprised of copy and images needs to marry these two very different ways of expression.  It is this marriage of words and images (concepts) that requires a technician as well as  an […]

Cover Art meets the Supernatural

Supertramp 911 9-11 mirror image cover art

  Coincidence? At first glance one would think so, but as editor of I must tell you that this album cover was the  first record I ever purchased back in 1980 along with a 2nd album that had also visually grabbed me.  It was possibly my tipping point for the eventual development of […]

Steve Jobs: Technical Marketer Extraordinaire Passes

Steve Jobs MacWorld #1

Steve Jobs: Technical Marketer “ENTP” Passes Steve Jobs was the quintessential ENTP Inventor*,  and a role model for that small percentage of the population that see’s the world through the lens of an ENTP temperament.   It has been annoying seeing the media begin a dialog in the short days since his passing comparing Jobs to Edison. […]

Tina Brown unveils the new Newsweek cover art

Hillary Clinton on cover of new newsweek cover design

  It looks like their will be good things to come from Newsweek magazine as far as cover art is concerned. Tina Brown (Vanity Fair Editor & founder) recently made the rounds displaying the new “newsweek’  cover design featuring Hillary Clinton on the March 14, 2011 issue.  Newsweek is truly an american classic, one […]

House Beautiful Magazine – An american classic


House Beautiful Magazine is listed on under American Classics for one simple reason. A continuous 100+ years of effective and artistic cover art design which alongside their editorial and writing choices in keeping this magazine #1 in its genre.  Except for a few brief design hiccups during the 1970’s when just about every magazine […]

Rihanna Tweets latest cover art – Do it yourself Press Release

Rihanna Cover Art for her new single "Cheers"

Do it yourself album press release. In a sign that old fashioned press releases may be a thing of the past, this week Rihanna simply “tweated” an image of her new cover art designed specifically for her single “cheers”. The art and composition is classic in its styling, even the use of a retro late […]

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