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Interview Magazine Covers 2010


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People Magazine 2011

Interview: September 1993 – Raquel – Tawnee Welch

Raquel and Tawnee Welch on the cover of Interview

Interview: June, 1990 – Madonna

Madonna on cover of Interview Magazine

People: September 15, 1980 – Angie Dickinson

Angie Dickinson on cover of People magazine

US: November 28, 1978 – Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch and Kermit the frog on cover of US

People: November 27, 1978 – Angie Dickinson


People: June 21, 1976 – Raquel Welch


People: November 24, 1975 – Jennifer O’neill


After the summer of 42′ Jennifer Oneill fights a cooled off career

Police Gazette: November 1974- Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch Cover Photo - Police Gazette

Articles Include: Why Billy Graham must Quit Muhammad Ali’s 10 Million Dollar Secret Inside the Black Mafia Beat Inflation by J.Paul Getty The Machines that talk to the Dead How to bet and win on pro football Raquel Welch: The Price I Paid for Stardom

Police Gazette: July, 1973 – Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren on cover of the Police Gazette

Police Gazette: May, 1970

Police Gazette - May, 1970 -

May 1970 Police Gazette (35 pages) Cover: Judy Jones Articles include: TED WILLIAM tells his baseball secrets 1970 All-Star Hockey Team Their putting poison in the fish you eat The men who boss nixon

TV Guide: April 26, 1970 – Welch Wayne

Raquel Welch and John Wayne on cover of TV Guide


Eye: August, 1968 – Beatles Poster


This is one of Eye magazines most sought issues, because it includes the Beatle’s yellow submarine poster. Current auction price with poster $35

Pageant: February, 1968 – Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch Cover - Pageant 1968

Police Gazette: July, 1966

Sophia Loren on cover of Police Gazette - 1966

Police Gazette: January, 1963

Anita Ekburg Cover on police Gazette

Pageant: November 1962

Angie Dickinson photos

Pageant 11/1962, with large Angie dickinson article with many photos    

Police Gazette: July, 1961 – Elizabeth Taylor


Articles Include: The Curse that Haunts Liz Taylor Proof: There is life in outer space Warning: There is another castro in Mexico Why Liston can dethrone Patterson

Tempo: April 17, 1956 – Anita Ekberg Cover

Anita Ekberg Tempo cover

Police Gazette: January, 1956 – Ekburg – Rocky Marciano – Joe Walcott



People Today: December 30, 1953

Jeanne Crain on cover of people

People Today: May 9, 1951


People Today: December 5, 1950


In this Issue: Roosevelt on the air, Eisenhower’s Shrine,

Police Gazette: March, 1949 – Joe Louis

Wonderful Joe Louis Cover

Cover Joe Louis Articles “Cursed By Demon Rum” 1 photo each of movie stars with drinking problems, Robert Walker, Frances Farmer. “Coming Soon” Photos of June Haver, Barbara Bates, Yvonne De Carlo. “Police Gazette’s Calendar Girl” large b&w photo of Hazel Brooks. “The Cleveland Indians, 1948 World Champions” large color photo of the entire team.

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