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Argosy: October 1971

Argosy UFO - Flying Saucer issue 1971

Magazine: Argosy Date: October, 1971, Vume 373, Number 4 Cover Art: FLYING SAUCERS INVADE FINLAND. Exploring with a modern Robinson Crusoe. Fiction: John Creasey, writing as J. J. Marric.  How could Commander Gideon of Scotland Yard locate a priceless stolen painting when all the main suspects turned up dead?. Articles: ADOLF EICHMANN’S CAPTURE — THE […]

Argosy: May, 1970 – Charles Manson

Highly Collectible Charles Manson issue of Argosy 05/1970

DATE: MAY, 1970, Volume 370, Number 5 This issue includes: COVER: CHARLES MANSON: Alleged mastermind behind the Sharon Tate murders. Could this man control you? Non Fiction: REARDON … Robert L. Fish – Illustrated by Bob Heindel. Articles: I LIVED WITH CHARLIE MANSON’S “FAMILY” by Y. L. Freeman. The Inside story of the “hippie” group […]

Argosy: April 1962 – Angie Dickinson


A 32 year old Angie dickinson had one of her largest photo shoots in this April 1962 issue of Argosy.

Argosy: June 1954 – John D. Macdonald

Argosy June 1954- John D. Macdonald

                                          This Issue includes the Story “Built for Speed” by John D. Macdonald

Argosy: March, 1950 – John D. Macdonald

March 1950 Argosy - John D. Macdonald

                                        Cover Art: Robert Trotter Additional full page Illustrations:  Robert Stanley, Robert Mariner, Peter Stevens, Dom Lupo Notable Fiction: Man-Stalk by John D. Macdonald Additional Fiction: Closi it up! by Ralf Nelson Stay away from the […]

Argosy: November 1949 – John D. Macdonald

Cover Art by Peter Stevens

This Issue of Argosy has a rare gem, one of John D. Macdonalds earliest works called “A young man or promise” Other fiction includes: The Affair of the Pearl Prince by Erle Stanley Gardner Secret Army of the Caribbean I Had 5 Seconds to Live My Fight with a Giant Manta

Argosy: September 1948

Peter Stevens Cover Art for Argosy

  Cover Art by Peter Stevens.  Articles by Erle Stanley Gardner and William Fay. Full page Advertiseing by Indian Motorcyles. Hi-Rez images available. Brand new Indian “Scout” advertising

Argosy: May 1948

Argosy May 1948

  Argosy May 1948, including fiction by Robert Heinlein – Gentlemen be seated and Illustrations by Charles Dye, Robert Stanley

Argosy: April 1948

April 1948 -Argosy Magazine Cover by Charles Dye

Notable Fiction in this issue The Lady says murder (A full length novel by William Fay) Non Fiction De Marigny’s Famous Finger (Earle Stanley Gardner)   Earle Stanley Gardner True Crime Article

Argosy: February 1948 – Tom W. Blackburn – Charles Dye


Argosy: January 1948 – Charles Dye Cover Art

Spear fishing illustration by Charles Dye on the cover of Argosy

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