Vogue: March, 1964 – Mick Jagger

Vogue: July 1964 cover art

What’s Next in Fashion

Cover Sondra Peterson wears Emilio Pucci

Photography Cecil Beaton; Gordon Parks; Horst; Hans Namuth; Bruce Davidson; Kuzmanoff; Grisby; David Bailey; Leombruno- Bodi; Romano Cagnoni; Irving Penn; Bert Stern

Illustration WARHOL

Vogue’s Eye View Women In Pants


Diana Vreeland’s catch-phrase “The Beautiful People” and the Fashion for Pants

What’s Next in Fashion: the skimp coat; wild stockings; the bare-knee suit; the anything goes coat; the pants turnout; dolman sleeves; the new wave of white fur

Mrs. Shirley Carter Burden, Jr. – the former Amanda Mortimer in her wedding dress by Mainbocher

The Day of the Reptile: ten pages of shoes and boots photographed on safari by Gordon Parks.

The Knitted Way – All the Way: all the news in knits

Vogue Patterns: The white-with-white idea.


Beauty Register – by a spy at their dressing tables: ten women who know what they’re doing

Cornelia Clark Cushing ; Perla de Lucena Mattison; Florence Pritchett Smith; Melissa Weston Bancroft; Rosemary Warburton Chisholm; Jeanne Murray Vanderbilt; Frances Munn Baker; Mary McFadden; Judith Dunnington Peabody; Miss Jill Isles


People Are Talking About:

Mick Jagger, a British “Rolling Stone” Rocker

James Bond’s Girls a quartet of girls who play Bond Girl in the newest film, From Russia, With Love – Tanya Mallet; Honor Blackman; Shirley Eaton, Daniela Bianchi

James Baldwin, An Original a sharpened view of him by Gloria Steinem. Bruce Davidson photograph.

The Scull Collection – Art is the Core: in the Robert Scull New York apartment, art is the lighhearted obsession from Renaissance to Pop art –an adventure on eight pages photographed by Hans Namuth, text by Allene Talmey.

Eating at the Fair, New York by George Bradshaw

Stars of the Feria El Cordobes, Geraldine Chaplin, Beatrice Wells, Victoriano Valencia

At the Feria in Seville – a brilliant ball

Flamenco Party at the house of the Marquis and Marchioness of Aracena in their private Tauromachia Museum.

Ads Warhol illustration for Pallizio

138 pages

CoverArt# vog196407, CoverArt Valueguide $25-75, Last sale $75. 

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