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Mirror Image of Super Tramp’s Breakfast in America and 9-11

Coincidence? At first glance one would think so, but as editor of I must tell you that this album cover was the  first record I ever purchased back in 1980 along with a 2nd album that had also visually grabbed me.  It was possibly my tipping point for the eventual development of

The supertramp Breakfast in America cover art shows a 1950’s era waitress with a nervous smile and representative of the statue of liberty.  She is holding up a plate with a “Golden Cup” right up to the Twin Towers which are shown along with the rest of  The Great City.  The Mirror image of the cover art shows a perfectly placed 9-11 just above the towers.

I purchased both albums  not for the music,  but for their cover art. What does the artwork  mean?   Will the lyrics within the album answer this question? Imagery and Symbolism is what makes cover art so interesting and collectible by  many.   This cover’s symbolism relating to texts  from the bible is chilling.  Add the 9-11 mirror image and Super Tramp being a synonym for “Great Harlot”  and we  may have possibly gone beyond coincidence.

Biblical symbolism with Revelation 17-18 and Jeremiah 50-51

As I researched the possible deeper meanings dealing with the obvious (to myself) symbolism relating to Biblical passages  that speak of a “great” (super) “harlot” (tramp) which sits on many waters and is holding up a golden cup over The Great City!   The ancient texts goes one step further describing a mystery of the harlot in that she simply represents the Great City!

I won’t preach to you here, but go ahead and pick up that dusty bible of yours and read Revelation 17-18, and Jeremiah 50-51.

This hits home to me, because I was born in the Great City of Manhattan.

Was this imagery on purpose?  A coincidence? or simply a sub-concscious message from an Illustration artist aware of these passages?

For a more thourough look at the possible archetypical and Jungian symbolism of this cover art visit  Also the original research along parts 2 & 3 – showing amazing predictions made due to patterns in the issue dates is available at

The other album I purchased on that day in 1980?

It was Rush’s permanent waves, the only band I have followed through the years due to their libertarian philosophical lyrics written by drummer/author Neil Peart.   The artwork created by Hugh Syme  earily shows a beautiful woman dressed in a modest dress with 1950’s era bobby socks, yet she is flashing us with a devilish smile – a “Super Tramp” walking away from her city which has just been destroyed.*

I never did figure out what songs from either of these two albums had anything  to do with these wonderful cover art images, even after wearing out my needle on both of these records.   32 years later, I may have finally found my answers……

PSR Strategic Research /

* A little research into Rush’s pemanent waves album cover concept finds out that our favorite rational band did indeed have a “meaning” and a reason for the title of their 1980 album.    It seems the band was discussing “Waves of Culture” a concept that most rational’s who see time in “sequence” as oppose to (  past,present or future) are aware of..  ie cycles of time,  rise and falls of empires and even civilizations.  Who better to represent the passing and end of a culture / civilization then the Great Harlot of revelation 17-18,  A Super Tramp…..

Rush permanent waves album cover – the harlot?


m.f. / PSR

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